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My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you

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Most viewed dreams - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
23 Feb 2015 2 Wikileaks and the US government 4 views today
18 Oct 4 Details of a Massive Power Outage and Why4 views today
26 Jan 2015 3 New Chitose Airport Winning Japan Green Lottery Ticket Sold Apr 14th 20153 views today
27 Jan 2015 4 A C130 Crashes When Delivering Aid by the Red Cross to Help the People Affected by the 2015 Indonesia Earthquake (Pending) the # 6713723 Is Important3 views today
17 Feb 2015 3 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T3 views today
22 Mar 2015 3 The Murder of Jessie Jackson Jr This Year3 views today
15 May 2015 2 63 17 Car Crash Friday May 22nd 2015, I95 Includes Vechiocle Plate Numbers and Type3 views today
30 May 2015 1 Replacing the Oil You Normally Fry in with Extra Virgin Olive Oil From California and Substitute Basmati Rice From Pakistan for the Rice You're Currently Consuming Will Not Only Improve Your Health and Mental Status, but Can Reverse th3 views today
22 Jun 2015 1 Magdalane's Secret Makes Tony Kill. 4131172 He Lives in Bath Gate? 1501734404 Yule Terrance, Speedway 'dreams Kill'3 views today
9 Jul 2015 6 This Event Will Happen on Jul 20th of This Year and It Was an Awful Dream3 views today
15 Aug 2015 1 The Tunnel Fire Was Set by This Man, and He Is Watching the Fire on Cctv Right Now (I'm Assuming He Is an Employee)3 views today
15 Aug 2015 2 Burn It Down3 views today
15 Aug 2015 3 210 of the Worlds Most Important Missing Paintings Are in the Forbidden City3 views today
15 Aug 2015 4 The New York Serial Killer Has Chose 'his' 12th Victim (Sadly, I Do Not Think Police Even Know the Past 12 Murders Were Related)3 views today
15 Sept 2 New Gravity Shift, Crescent Moon, Crescent Moon Moon and Full Moon Great Quakes, Sept 20-24th 2015 California, 8.0 Japan 9.8 (the New Shift in the Moons Pull on the Earth (This Has Not Been Discovered Yet Because of Lack of Funding...3 views today
19 Sept 1 If You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech...you're Insane. Read This Out Loud and Meditate on Why Your Soul Is Still Using Human's Past Aggressions and Insanity. Thought Was Meant to Free of Hi3 views today
22 Sept 6 Police Are withholding and Item Found 19 34 1934028320, Kancamagus Highway, Body Found Near Hairpin Turn, Ex Police Officer Arrested in 7 Missing Person Cases (a Unknown Serial Killer Is Caught on Mar 17th 2016)3 views today
24 Sept 2 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, Brad Johnson Killed Kim (Brad Johnson Did Not Write This, So I Have No Ide3 views today
30 Sept 3 Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams3 views today
27 Oct 1 Not Sure Yet, Soon3 views today
29 Oct 4 Will Translate Later, Sad3 views today
17 Nov 33 views today
20163 views today
29 Jan 2015 2 Feb 6 2015 11:42 Am 177621151 Bus Accident H.t. Jerry2 views today
3 Feb 2015 3 Not English 2 views today
17 Feb 2015 8 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T2 views today
23 Feb 2015 1 Energy drink recipe 2 views today
23 Feb 2015 3 Iran and Israel stuff2 views today
23 Feb 2015 4 The death of William Shatner2 views today
23 Feb 2015 5 Train derails 2 views today
24 Mar 2015 1 Not Sure2 views today
28 Mar 2015 4 Falling, $326,187 Boudreau, Enter Here, Old House, 22 Blocks South? Beinard, 4 36 1315 Patt Marts2 views today
30 Mar 2015 72 views today
31 Mar 2015 1 I Don't Know2 views today
28 Apr 2015 6 Hacker K.i.c.i Shuts Down Banking Sites Stealing Millions of People's Personal Data, Yet Banks Deny This Id Theft (This Weekend)2 views today
19 May 2015 1 Road Chico Water 115 Yahama Rm 217 Madeleine Mcc]ann Beach Praia Da Luz, Car Slide? More @ Www.brianladd.org/madeleine2 views today
20 May 2015 1 at 7:46 Am on the 17th of Jul, 2015 an Islamic State Terrorist Group From London Will Completely Destroy the Dubai Torch Building and Surrounding Area Using Truck Bombs, Other Details Are on the Dd.2 views today
26 May 2015 1 Tongchang-ri Lauch Pad Explosion Releases Radio Active Dust Into atmosphere Mk54 63312 Jun 17 2015 Uranium 2352 views today
13 Jun 2015 1 An Explosion on Jun 18th 2015 and It Is Terrorist Related2 views today
17 Oct 2 Magnitude 6 Earthquake in California, Not Sure About the Rest - Bad Night for Me2 views today
18 Oct 6 Another Sad Shooting Event, I Just Check and This Dd Did Not Happen Yet, and Hopefully the Details on This Dd Prevent It From Happing2 views today
Aol Email Copy Drems From the Night of Oct 16th 2015 Brian Aol Email Copy Dreams From the Night of Oct 16th 2015 Brian Ladd These Are Just Email Copies of My Dreams From the Previous Night, You May Also View These Dreams on Twitter at Twitter.com/brianpr2 views today
Aol Email Copy Drems From the Night of Oct 17th 2015 Brian Aol Email Copy Dreams From the Night of Oct 17th 2015 Brian Ladd These Are Just Email Copies of My Dreams From the Previous Night, You May Also View These Dreams on Twitter at Twitter.com/brianpr2 views today
19 Oct 1 Do Not Know2 views today
19 Oct 2 If Colette Barons I Did Not Know Who This Person Was Until Now....and She Is Real, Sorry About the Spelling, but I'm Sure She Is the One...her Actual Name Is Colette Baron-reid. (Personal Details Removed)2 views today
20 Oct 1 This Is About the Upcoming Sniper Political Assassinations and Raciest Murders in Several Us States...this Is a Single Person Using a X-m15 Rifle and a Simple Point and Shoot Infrared Temperature Gun Mounted on the Rifle as Shown. Once Calib2 views today
20 Oct 2 This Is Where the Man Is Right Now, He Is Going to Cause This Misery, the Police Offer Was at Yosemite? (Most Personal Data Censored)2 views today
20 Oct 3 Reyonsa Reyonsa2 views today
20 Oct 4 Jsc Nasa Major Announcement - They Can Not Find It (I Do Not Know What 'it' Is)2 views today
21 Oct 6 Pattern for Next Weeks Lotteries in the Usa2 views today
25 Oct 2 An Eyeball, Killer Injured Hospital Gown? 13 13211 F S R ...more Stuff2 views today
29 Oct 3 Will Translate Later, Sad2 views today
30 Oct 1 Across the Street From a Super 8, Gold Rush Diamonds, All I Know a Major Accident Involving a Train Hauling a Special Type of Oil...happens Next Week, Train Registration Number and Other Details on Dd2 views today
31 Oct 3 There Are Several Dd's Related to This Hendo Hover Board and I Have Posted Several Dd's in My Invention Section on This Issue. Imo the Company That Makes This Is Just Trying to Sell a Simple Spinning Magnet, Fake Anti-gravity Tric2 views today
18 Dec 2 Madeline Mccann Case (Nothing New) This Is Trash at the Search Location on the Beach in Praia Da Luz, Portugal2 views today
20 Dec 2 Al Zamil Family (a Member of the Al Zamil Family, Real, Will Be Stoned to Death for Drawing a Cartoon That Many Thought Was of the Prophet Muhammad, Turns Out to Be Something Else...after the Fact)2 views today
12 Jan 2015 1 Details of a Massive Warehouse Fire to Take Place in a Weeks or So.1 views today
13 Jan 2015 1 Death Van Carbon Monoxide Action T4, There Are No Disabled People in Dprk (North Korea)1 views today
13 Jan 2015 2 Nov 16th 2015 12:52 Am Felipe Massa Killed in Crash Near Hotel. 25 Apr 1984 16 Nov 3014 76221 Not Racing, Public Bus (This Is a Real Person I Did Not Know Until I Looked Him Up, He Races Cars for a Living, Ironically He Is K1 views today
13 Jan 2015 3 No Idea, Korean Letters I Think (Again)1 views today
13 Jan 2015 4 Children Death Camp Outside 22 Ebola Virus Spreads Beyond Lab at Camp 22 in North Korea, China Admits It Has Been Working with the Dprk (North Korea) to Fine a Cure. (From What I Saw in This Dream, They Are Not Trying to Find a Cure)1 views today
14 Jan 2015 2 173 Kts Tears Bathroom? Zip 66429 Douglas Road Grantville1 views today
14 Jan 2015 3 This Is Him1 views today
14 Jan 2015 4 3 Days 23 3 4 5 16 17 18 111 views today
15 Jan 2015 1 Dna Proves Samples Taken Were From That of Local Missing Adult, 17666 Gelatin, West Burn Middle Sex Police Hill 176 Street1 views today
15 Jan 2015 3 Details of the Upcoming China and Indonesia Earthquakes, the Girds for Both Are Here Along with the Time and Dates...i Want to Stress These Two Earthquakes Will Cause Major Damage...soon.1 views today
15 Jan 2015 4 Stairs Wrong Address, 26 58 Rob in 32 44 Hood atlanta 11 Phillips1 views today
15 Jan 2015 5 Tower Falls 661311 views today
16 Jan 2015 1 Semirara Island Major Quake (This Is About the Dd From Last Night)1 views today
18 Jan 2015 1 Since I'm No Longer Posting Terrorist Related Dd's (See News Section) I Have Blacked Out Any Details of Specific Dates / Times of Events. This Dd Concerns Upcoming Train Derailments in the Usa, These 2 Men Are One the Ones Res1 views today
1 18 2015 These Are Lottery Numbers and I'm Almost Certain They Will Come True Soon. I Do Not Know What Lottery or the Exact Date, I Just Know They Will Come True. This Is a New Audio Recording, See My News Section for More Details. the Numbers Are1 views today
19 Jan 2015 1 This Is a Health and Happiness Dream Cure and It's Based on the Iron in Your Blood and the Earths Magnetic Field. Since We Are Using Magnetic North (and This Changes) You Need a Compass. the Dd Is Simple, Sleep with You Head Pointe1 views today
19 Jan 2015 2 805 357 Bon?? 3662114 Ca1 views today
19 Jan 2015 3 82113772 319 22 Hsi1 views today
20 Jan 2015 1 This Will Be a Famous Photo Taken by This Man, It's Shows Something Amazing That Happened Near Ground Zero of the Upcoming Indonesia Earthquake (See Past Dd's for More Details)1 views today
21 Jan 2015 1 China Arrests Over 5,000 People Illegal Vpn Uses for Using the Web? Beijing ??? 12vpn They Were Not Hacker, 37 Family Members Killed for Protesting??? Basically China Kills Innocent People for Standing Up for Their Rights to Use the Int1 views today
21 Jan 2015 2 Dupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 Sena Building School?1 views today
22 Jan 2015 1 Can't See, Cant Breath, Children, Fire, Want to Get Out 762133629 (a Very Serious Home Fire That Can Be Prevented, Will Happen at the End of This Month, or the First Few Days of Feb, Other Details Are in the Dd, Source Is a Ho1 views today
22 Jan 2015 2 128 114 235 23 Us Government Hides Earthquake Data From?? 2/7/15 Mountain? Mark Harrason Usgs Members Issued Gag Order, Yellowstone Eruption Sept 30th 2015 7 Hours After High Tide?1 views today
22 Jan 2015 3 No Clue1 views today
22 Jan 2015 4 Earthquakes Awaken Colo Volcano (Real Place) Island Triples in Size.1 views today
23 Jan 2015 1 Friday 30 Jan 2015 Crash, Was Not an Accident, Read His Notes, 61127 a 411 views today
23 Jan 2015 2 Water1 views today
24 Jan 2015 1 A Small Earthquake at 36 Degrees North, 97 Degrees West on Saturday Jan 31st of This Year Will Open a Crack That Will Over Time Cause 7.6 Million People to Flee the Area Due to Poison Water? Other Details and Times on Dd1 views today
24 Jan 2015 2 This Will Happen Next Week, a Semi-truck Runs a Family Off the Road, It Ends Badly.1 views today
26 Jan 2015 1 Not Sure1 views today
26 Jan 2015 2 New Hamptue Elbit System, Pyramid, Connecting Room Still attached to Mattress, Daniel Crowley, Gtec, 4 Deaths, (703) 601-36701 views today
26 Jan 2015 4 Feb 7th 2015, Pm, Family Killers Car Crash 7116223, School (This Is a Motor Vehicle Crash)1 views today
27 Jan 2015 1 Bark Sauberung 611667398 414 May 10th 1933 - Berlin, Moscow, Jan 30th 2015, May 9th 2015 Moscow1 views today
27 Jan 2015 2 1 66 48 37 27 41 12 Time Shop1 views today
27 Jan 2015 3 This Is a Time Machine, the Area That 'time Travel' Occurs Is Marked.1 views today
28 Jan 2015 1 7112696112 Fountain, This Is the Man Who Has Been Following John Travolta. He Knows About the Letter Yet He Was Not the Man Who Caused His Death on Christmas, Forced Off Road?1 views today
29 Jan 2015 1 1014 1.2 Feet, in This Was Is the Letter, the Demons Are Real, Burn Holes, Flexeril, Fulton, Death in 6 Days, 2015 Holes in the Walls, She Left Las Wishes in Walls!! (770) 754, Patrick, Save Her1 views today
30 Jan 2015 1 Rio Danger1 views today
30 Jan 2015 2 This Is a Weight Loss Drink That Blocks Fat From Being Digested by the Body, It's Important That You Use Spring Water for This, and as Always Ask a Doctor Before Trying Anything Your Not Sure of.1 views today
31 Jan 2015 1 Working on This One1 views today
31 Jan 2015 2 6163 Australia Airlines1 views today
31 Jan 2015 3 Leader Cancels Trip to Moscow Yet He Still Dies, Kim Jong-un Dies of Po 84 in Russia, Kgb Had Nothing to Do with It, the Cia and Mr. John-un's Family Made It Happen.1 views today
1 Feb 2015 1 Not sure who she is.1 views today
2 Feb 2015 1 Don't Go There, 11 100 Days of Sorrow, the Man She Met in Stria Denies He Was Responsible for That Accident That Killed..10?? Keeps Contacting?1 views today
8 Feb 2015 2 This Is the Man Involved in the Hostage Crisis Next Week, Other Details as Well as Location Are on the Dd1 views today
9 Feb 2015 1 Not Sure1 views today
12 Feb 2015 3 3711922615 Nato Prepares for War as Russia Closes Borders and Evacuates Moscow1 views today
12 Feb 2015 6 Valentines Day Suicide? No Val 97111 361120? ??1 views today
16 Feb 2015 2 In the Sky, Stay Away (I Did Not Like This Dream)1 views today
16 Feb 2015 3 Breaking News Wednesday 25th of Feb 2015. Still Alive, Help Him, Grid??? They Are Wrong, Save Him1 views today
16 Feb 2015 4 The Cave Is Full of Gold, Dream Is Real, Remember (This Is Not for Me)1 views today
16 Feb 2015 5 School Shooter Is a Girl1 views today
17 Feb 2015 1 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
17 Feb 2015 2 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
17 Feb 2015 4 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
17 Feb 2015 5 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
17 Feb 2015 6 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
17 Feb 2015 7 These Are Winning 'lottery Pool' Numbers for Mar, 2015 by Astrology Signs, to Play Pick Your Numbers From the Dd That Pertains to You, Pick the Amount of Numbers You Need for Any Lottery You Wish but Pick Quickly, with No T1 views today
18 Feb 2015 1 'cnn Can Confirm That Petro Poroshenko Was Involved in the Crash' I Do Not This Is Related to the Death of Vladimir Putin (Dd From a Few Months Ago)1 views today
18 Feb 2015 2 2015 Assassination attempt Putin, Cia Failed, Already Dead 13712 6621137 9986647 (Related to Last Dd)1 views today
18 Feb 2015 3 117553211 - Check Your Software, It's Fake, Virus Is Sending Your Bank Data to Russia (Yeah)1 views today
18 Feb 2015 4 Chong Cao (Fruit) Pink Salt Boil in Tea Drink Until Back Pain Is Gone (Dd Is Not for Me)1 views today
18 Feb 2015 5 Flash Across the Sky, Three(?) Tails1 views today
18 Feb 2015 6 Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant (Real Place) Meltdown Was Not Am Accident, They Were Secret ? Army, 174 174 17?1 views today